Brand new Flutterings! A quick how-to guide

Brand new Flutterings! A quick how-to guide

Our brand new Flutterings collection is on sale now and we’re thrilled that so many of you love the designs! I’ve been so excited about this collection and to be honest, I’m relieved that it has finally launched because it was a difficult secret to keep!

The Butterfly and Hummingbird die sets are both stunning and completely unique. They cut everything you need to make kinetic cards with wings that flap when you pull and push the tab. They’re very easy to make up and I wanted to show you how the basic butterfly (or hummingbird) work with just two die-cut pieces:

Ok, I used the tab insert die as well, so it’s technically three dies used in this example but it was so pretty that I just couldn’t help myself! So the first step is to die-cut the wing and tabs piece and the lacy body. I’ve used a sheet from our Tropical Mist gradients card pack here. You want the card to be strong but easy to fold and so we recommend using uncoated card of around 200gsm.

1 You’ll notice that the die leaves some scored lines across the tab and wings piece. Fold each of the two diagonal lines towards you to make valley folds.

2 Next you need to fold each of the three horizontal lines away from you to make mountain folds.

3 Push the top section towards the pull tab and the wings will fold downwards.

4 Apply a length of high-tack double-sided tape from the top edge and down to the first fold line.

5 Mount the wings piece to your card. They also work at an angle if you wanted to vary your designs!

6 Add another piece of tape along the rectangle at the top of the wings and take the tape approx 1cm above it, onto the card.

7 Stick the body to the rectangle and the head to the card to finish.

And that’s it! Pull the tab and the wings will open and flap upwards. Push the tab upwards and the wings will fold back down. When the wings fold down you can push the body flat again which is really handy for posting cards. The die-cut hummingbird has an extra score line along the tail that you lift upwards but apart from that, both die sets work in the same way. Check out the video below to see these steps in action!

I hope you’re enjoying using your Flutterings products. Please stop by again as I’ll be posting many inspirational ways to use them.

Happy crafting!


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