Monthly Archives - November 2018

Irene’s Christmas Keepsake!

Hi everyone! I thought I would make something a little bit different with my Beautiful Moments – Cold Days, Warm Hearts collection. We are due to have a new arrival of a baby girl in our family any time cousin is about to give birth to her first child, so I thought why not make a picture celebrating her first Christmas? I have made this project on 12x12 mount board, so that afterwards it can be placed into a...

Ruth’s Sparkling Shaker Card!

I love to make interactive cards, and this is one to bring sparkle to any lucky recipient’s mantelpiece this festive season. Plus with the gorgeous Beautiful Moments – Cold Days, Warm Hearts Winter Days stamp set, it was a dream to make. If you’ve never made a shaker card before, you might think that it can be a bit tricky. But actually the process is very simple. Not the quickest, perhaps, but I definitely think it’s worth putting the time...

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