Monthly Archives - January 2019

Colour layering peony stamps!

The more I'm playing with our Perfect Peonies stamp set, the more I love it! I keep finding new ways to use it and it's such fun experimenting with different ink combinations. Our photopolymer stamp layers are made with the added bonus of a little notch which marks the top of the stamp colour layer – so no more rotating a stamp around and around to see which way up it goes! I wanted to share with you how the colour...

Perfect Peonies!

Perfect Peonies is the much anticipated stamp set released with our new Buds to Blooms collection. It's a bumper A4 photopolymer stamp set and it is, in fact, so full of stamps that we had to design the packaging on one side only as it was the only way we could display ALL of those gorgeous high quality stamps! It felt self-indulgent drawing the artwork for this stamp set as I enjoyed it so much! For me, what makes the...

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