Trisha’s Easter Flower Project!

Trisha’s Easter Flower Project!

Hello everyone! I hope this ‘Happy Easter’ Daffodil card brings some Spring sunshine to your day. I made this card using Angela Poole’s Pretty Poinsettia Twist & Reveal Die Set…see below for steps on how to create your own!

Using the Pretty Poinsettia die set, cut out the flower shape from yellow card. Next, take a piece of orange paper (it needs to be paper or a thin gsm so that it can be easily folded to make the trumpet of the daffodil). Cut the orange paper to measure 7.7cm long and 4.7cm wide.

Along the length of one side of the orange paper, mark a line every 1cm – this will result in 6 lines. Mark one final line 0.5cm from the end to make a total of 7 lines.

On the other side of the orange paper, mark a line every 0.5cm, to make 13 lines, then mark the 14th line 0.7cm from the end.

Make 1cm-long cuts into each of the lines, then roll both sides together to make a cylinder. Glue the ends together – this will form the trumpet of the daffodil. Use a paperclip to secure the trumpet whilst it is drying.

Take your die-cut yellow flower and fold it along the scored lines, using the die set instructions as a guide.

Open out your flower again, then attach the trumpet to the centre by gluing the end with 14 cuts onto the middle of the opened flower base. I’ve also added a yellow flourish to the middle using a centre die from the set. Leave to dry.

Once dry, slowly fold the flower into shape using the die set instructions again. The trumpet will slightly crumple, but should then form the centre of the daffodil.

To complete your card, layer up some coordinating yellow and orange card onto a white 7”x7” card blank, then attach your daffodil.

Die cut two of the foliage shapes from green card, then trim and fasten them underneath the daffodil. Finish with an Easter greeting sentiment if you like!

I hope you enjoy making your own Spring flowers… I’m so grateful for crafting and how it relaxes me, especially with everything that is going on at the moment. Stay safe everyone.

Best wishes,

Trisha xx

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